Dr. Juan Rueda Coll.

The collection of Lepidoptera of the Dr. Juan Rueda Sevilla, specialist in  continental freshwater macroinvertebrates, comprises a total of 653 specimens, most of them have been collected in the Valencian Country, the Montes Universales, and the Pyrenees.

“They were places of excursions and summers contributing quite a few adventures. Each specimen was captured with affection after its period of reproduction. It is difficult to understand how you can love the beauty offered by nature and living organisms for collecting catch. This “hobby” disappeared over the years, and the conclusion to which I later was the give this treasure to the “reborn” Museu Valencià d’Història Natural, a legacy for posterity. I have now achieved what Conficio said with total clarity “If you work on what you like, do not work in your life”. Well, the crisis has brought us a new complicated scenario, where the environment has suffered brutally, but in that I’m, trying to continue working on what I like…”

Juan Rueda SevillaJuan Rueda Sevilla-1




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