History of the MVHN

The origin of the MVHN takes place in the extinct “Torres-Sala Entomological Foundation” which was constituted on December 10th, 1976 and whose Manegement were as follows: the President of the Generalitat, Vice President the Mayor of Valencia, as vocals the nephews and grandchildren of Mr. Juan de Torres Sala, as well as some Valencian scientists of the time as the Father Ignacio Salas.

Were subsequently modified its statutes and the Manegement was as follows: President of the Generalitat; Mayor of Valencia; President of the provincial Council of Valencia; Family Torres-Sala; Secretary of the Foundation; Dean of the Faculty of Biological Sciences at the University of Valencia and a scientific adviser to the same Faculty.

At its headquarters, in the former “Municipal Institute of Oncology” of Valencia, located on the Passeig de la Petxina 15, it was preserved and exposed the Entomological collection of Mr. Juan Torres Sala, objective of the Foundation.

In the same building it was also preserved and exposed the Malacological collection of the Doctor Mr. Siro de Fez Sánchez, donated by his widow in March 1977 to the “Patronato Valenciano de Ciencias Naturales”, dependent on the “Institució Alfons el Magnànim” of the Provincial Council of Valencia.

The inauguration of the headquarters, with the exposure of both zoological collections, took place on February 17th of 1978, with the name of “Museo Provincial de Medio Ambiente”.

Since then in addition to the preservation of collections the research team participated in numerous projects and published many scientific articles, mainly on the Valencian animal biodiversity, as well as disclosure of Zoology to the Valencian youth through school workshops.

The Museum changed its name as “Museo de las Colecciones Histórico-Naturales Torres-Sala and Siro of Fez” and finally to “Museu Valencià d’Història Natural”, official name that has lasted until today.

June 30th 2012  the political rulers of Valencia  (Generalitat, Provincial Council of Valencia and Valencia City Council) refuse to help to the conservation and exhibition of the collections. As a consequence of that the MVHN was closed and its staff laid off.

Later, part of the preserved collections in Valencia have been transferred to the Valencian city of Alginet, where we received total support from its Govern, to which we are immensely grateful. In our facilities we continue with the work of research and dissemination of Science, so hard to find these days.

Fortunately the collections which we conserve in Alginet are safe and the legacy can be admired by valencian generations to come. However the collection Entomological “Torres Sala” and the malacological  “Siro de Fez” continue still in the old building of Passeig de la Petxina in Valencia,  waiting for one definitive solution to continue with its preservation and exhibition depending on its state.